Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Health Care Benefits

With healthcare, or the lack of, health care coverage being such a hot topic in United States life today and a major topic in the Presidential race, I decided this would be one of the employee benefits that would be interesting to see how companies are changing for their employees. I found one company, Financial Corportation, that is helping their customers, but in this business it is their customers that kind of serve as their employees. They serve their customers by just providing benefits for their companies, which is to help by providing programs that bring efficiency to their customers businesses. These programs include benefits and in this article, they are now providing discounted health care and medical programs and services to their existing customers. This program will offer them 10% -60% decreases to most all of the big medical carriers of any kind. Launching this program will possibly effect 45 million individuals who do not currently have health care.
What an amazing program they are trying to set up. This company saw a need and is putting a plan into effect that will satify the need. This is truly something that would motivate me as their employee or customer, and especially with such a widespread issue. I think they are setting a great example, and maybe not every person will take advantage of this offer, but 45 million people is a huge undertaking and in my opinion would help most morale and stress in many work environments.
Here is the link to read into the finer details. Some of my information was taken straight from the article to get the facts right.