Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Death by Chocolate"

About a week ago, my ward Relief Society had a Relief Society meeting that was a total hit and made me SO EXCITED! I guess all it took was adding the word "chocolate" to the title and we got lots of girls there. It was such a cute night. My friend Nicole put it on, she had all kinds of yummy chocolate treats.... Chocolate vinegarette on salad, Pork chops with chocolate in the rub, chocolate covered bacon (surprisingly good), as well as the norm...brownies, thin mint cookies, chocolate kisses, m&m's, and little Hershey bars. We then talked about the good and bad sides of chocolate and tied that into the word of wisdom and all things in moderation. It was so good and everyone had fun. At the end of the lesson, she had little chocolate sayings like, "I'd stop eating chocolate, but I'm not a quitter" haha, and little pictures of chocolate, and we used hot glue to put them on like clear stones like you can buy at Michaels or JoAnn's, and glued magnets on them. The cutest Relief Society meeting and tons of fun!! Here's what our chocolate table looked like!

Thanks to Nicole for a great job and for everyone coming and making it fun!

Some more sweet stuff

So I like to make all kinds of sweet stuff, just recently it was Jacob's birthday and I tried making cheesecake for the first time. I tried two different kinds, one was a plain cheesecake that you bake and I think it turned out pretty good, but I can use more practice with that one. I also made a Lemonade Cheesecake because two of the things that Jacob really likes are lemonade and cheesecake, so it was perfect AND it was REALLY good and way easy. Happy Birthday Jacob!! But, Let me know if you'd like the recipe. Anyways, no pictures of those, but just something else I've been working on.

Then a few days later was Jacob's friend Willie's birthday and a week before I had made a big cookie and Willie really liked it, so I told him I could make him one for his birthday and he said, " about $1,000,000 instead." So when he left I said, well I'll just make him a big cookie with a million dollar bill on it. So... Here it is. He was a good sport and I think it turned out pretty good.

Now, Here is a blast from the past... My little sister Marley had a Hawaiian themed birthday. So we attemped the big cupcakes, with luck the big cupcakes looked more like little tiki huts, so we went with it. Totally lucky.... But I thought they turned out super cute and completely perfect!!! They have little "m"s on them for her name and the flowers and bright colors and we had cupcakes there too. It was really fun, but I thought I'd put them up here as well.

Just more "sweet stuff," and I am having lots of fun!!! Thanks for checking in!

Stormy's Wedding

So better late than never right? I made a wedding cake for Stormy and Spenser to cut into at their reception, and made some Oreo truffles also. They were great (if I do say so myself). I was really excited that Stormy would trust me enough to make something as noticed as the cake at her reception, which was a gorgeous reception. Also a gorgeous bride. I love Stormy. Anyways, her wedding was November 21, 2009. So like I said... now that its March, I should finally get some pictures put up. The theme was the movies and Hollywood, which was such a FUN idea. So the cake has red stars (which was one of her colors), the spotlights, some movie reels, and other fun movie stuff. I totally loved making it. Also, the truffles were a big hit, also colored with her colors....Red, Black, and White. Anyways... Here are a few pictures of the cake, truffles, and the set up at the reception. Thanks for letting be a part of your special day Stormy!!! I also have to add that my friend Cody made the cake topper for me! He did great, but I am the one who added the "bling" to it. He needed me to be sure of that part. haha. THANKS CODY!