Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Wedding Cake

I did it, I made my first wedding cake!! I am very pleased with how it turned out, even though the week was super busy. The daughter of a friend of my moms was getting married, so my mom was over the food (which was AMAZING, if you were wondering).. I did the cake, and we kind of helped set up, either way... it was busy but good. I'm so excited that it turned out and that the bride LOVED it, I was glad she had something that she chose and loved.

We cut it all, it was sad.... but it sure tasted good (not to brag or anything). :) Anyways.... I'm glad its done, but it was so fun to get to do!

Now... My mom has requested a cake for Mothers Day! Easy enough.... I'll have pictures up after that day. Everyone, here is a forewarning....MOTHERS DAY is MAY 9! Its early enough that now there is no excuse for waiting til the last minute! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to ALL the wonderful Moms!! I don't know what I would do without mine!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ralph and Orlene's 60th Anniversary cake

Ralph and Orlene are a great couple who Jacob and I play cards with weekly, it is one of our favorite times of the week!! So much fun! They just had their 60th Wedding Anniversary and I jumped on the opportunity to make their cake. They love chocolate, so the bottom and top tier are all chocolate with chocolate frosting, they loved it. The middle is yellow cake with white frosting. I had a lot of fun making this cake. I got to try new things.. and I think it turned out good and I also learned a lot. The top tier has (edible) pearls beads all over it, and the bottom tier has the cool lined pattern with the pearl beads, almost looked like a cushion. Anyways.... I'm excited that it turned out and the party was great. It was definitely a busy Saturday of deliveries and parties, not to mention all the crazy days making it before then. But anyways, the sweets continue!! :)

Melanies Bridal Shower

Hi again, last weekend was pretty busy. My friend Melanie had her bridal shower and I also made an anniversary cake (my first tiered cake) for a couples 60th wedding anniversary party. Saturday I did these Brownies and Truffles with her colors of pink and maroon. They were a big hit, Oreo Truffles and brownies. The "S" on the brownies is for Melanie's last name to-be. It was fun to have some new people to be able to try the sweet stuff and really enjoy them. Here are a couple pictures....

I also tried a new recipe for the truffles, I tried peanut butter and oreos and they loved them, they really loved them. I have lots of orders for people who would like the peanut butter ones next. I'm pretty excited!